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Help Apheresis

for Long Covid and other Post-viral Illnesses


Financial Assistance

To ensure every patient has access to H.E.L.P. Apheresis treatment, regardless of ability to pay.


Raising Awareness

Raise awareness of H.E.L.P. Apheresis as a treatment for people suffering from Long Covid and other post-viral illnesses including ME/CFS and beyond.


Lobbying for Support

Lobbying to ensure H.E.L.P. Apheresis is recognized by international health officials and eventually covered by insurance for all who require care.

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About Us

In 2021, the H.E.L.P. Apheresis procedure was found to help remove microclots in Long Covid patients. Studies are in progress to see whether this also reduces symptoms in patients with other long-term post-viral diseases as early tests have been hopeful. Unfortunately, as it is a new treatment for Long Covid, H.E.L.P Apheresis is not covered by insurance and each session, paid for privately by patients, costs around €2000. For many this is a barrier to treatment. Help for Apheresis looks to fund treatments and make H.E.L.P Apheresis more accessible to make recovery available to all. 

What is H.E.L.P. Apheresis?

H.E.L.P Apheresis has been used as a medical treatment for over 30 years to filter lipoprotein, fibrinogen, and cholesterol. Similar to dialysis, H.E.L.P. Apheresis separates plasma from the blood and filters it, acidifying the plasma while mixing it with heparin which removes fibrinogen and microclots. Many patient find improvement in their Long Covid symptoms following several sessions. Treatment is currently avalible in Germany, Switzerland, and Cyprus.

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